How to get a card

Physical bingo cards will be available at all participating businesses (soon!). If you're ready to rock, just click the button below to download a printable black & white copy for you (and your friends!)

Riversdale Bingo Challenge

🎉 Welcome to our Riversdale Bingo Adventure! 🎉

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through our vibrant community as we invite you to discover the hidden gems of our neighbourhood with our Riversdale Bingo Challenge hosted between April 19th through May 19th!

How does it work? It's simple yet oh-so-fun! We've created a special bingo card featuring a variety of local food businesses in the Riversdale neighbourhood. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit these places and collect a receipt from each one to mark off your bingo squares.

As you explore our neighbourhood, you'll have the chance to indulge in delicious meals from local restaurants, discover unique gifts at charming boutique markets, sip on artisanal coffee at cozy cafes, and so much more! Each visit not only earns you a square on your bingo card but also allows you to experience firsthand the diverse offerings of our community.

And here's the best part - as you collect receipts and complete lines on your bingo card, you'll be eligible to win fantastic prizes! 🎁 Whether you complete any bingo line (worth 1 entry) or achieve a full card (worth 10 entries), you'll be entered into our grand prize draw for a chance to win exciting rewards that celebrate our neighbourhood and the wonderful businesses that make it special. The grand prize includes over $500 in gift cards to the participating businesses and tasty treats!

So gather your friends, bring along your family, and join us in this thrilling adventure as we celebrate the spirit of our community and support local businesses together. Let the Riversdale Bingo Challenge begin!

Are you ready to explore, discover, and win? Let's play bingo and uncover the treasures of our neighbourhood like never before!

Participating Businesses:

Thrive Juice Co.

The Little Market Box

Homequarter Cafe



Underground Cafe

Bar Stella

POP Wine Bar

Junior Cafe

Hometown Diner


A to Z Cloud Kitchen

DRAW DATE: Monday, May 20th 2024

Location: The Little Market Box

The winner will be contacted via phone and/or email.