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Original Family Farms

Original Family Farms - Bison Shepherds Pie (900g)

Original Family Farms - Bison Shepherds Pie (900g)

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Bison Shepherds Pie (900g)

(Bison Stock, Beef Stock, Unsalted Butter, Whire Flour, Balsamic, Worcestershire, Soya Sauce, Salt, Spices)(Shredded Bison, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Peas, Bell Pepper)(Mashed Potato, Salted Butter, Cream, Salt, Spices)

Pre-Heat Oven To 350°F. Remove Plastic & Lid Then Place On Baking Sheet Frolm Frozen. Bake For 60 Mins Or Until Internal Temperature Is 165°F. Check Periodically.

May Leave Lid On For 15 Mins With The Flaps Up.

Prepared In A Facility That May Contain Allergens.
Eggs, dairy, Mustard, Anchovies, Soy, Wheat, Sulphites, Peas, Nuts, Garlic, Poultry, Beef, Bison, Pork
Appliances & Cook Times May Vary

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